Application Services

AH Professional services have provided people, products and services to many organisations since 1991 and we have recently expanded our operations to include service provided by our offshore operations.  We however offer a Western Australian based service provider in many of the areas that many organisations have indicated that they have an interest in managed services.

Our off-shore technical, operational and administrative staff are fully supervised by the Perth based specialists.  Normally our customers do not deal with the off-shore part of the organisation with the exception of emergency response tasks which may not be able to wait for the Australian specialists to become available.  This allows us for example to offer continuous network scans from our Australian hosted servers (Amazon Sydney) at costs similar to what other organisation charge for a few scans per year.

We also house physical servers at data centres in Western Australia and will be looking at hosting more services in Malaga as the new datacentres comes online.

We are satisfied that all staff, including those in off-shore locations have been adequately educated and tested to ensure compliance with the provisions of the 2013 enhanced privacy Act and have formal reporting for possible breaches to integrate to our Australian customers.

Unless otherwise informed no Australian data is taken off-shore for storage or processing.  Our off-shore team does however work on our systems in Australia via remote technologies.

Our normal commercial rates are $2000 or $200 respectively for the services of senior consultants based on a 7.5 hours per day. Services provided off-shore are generally in the range of $50 – $100 per hour depending on the engagement and the skills required.

Security Services
  • Policy and Framework Consulting
  • Australian Privacy Act Consulting
  • Continuous security vulnerability and configuration auditing
  • Network and Host Penetration testing
  • Software Security Assessments
  • Security Architecture Consulting
  • Identity and Access Management Services